Proceedings of the 10th International Network Optimization Conference (INOC), Aachen, Germany, June 7–10, 2022

Series ISSN: 2510-7437
Original publisher:, ISBN: 978-3-89318-090-5, Electronic Edition

Front Matter

[PDF] [DOI] Foreword
Christina Büsing, Arie M. C. A. Koster   pp. 1–4

Research Paper

[PDF] [DOI] A framework for routing and spectrum assignment in optical networks, driven by combinatorial properties
Pedro H. Fernandes da Silva, Hervé Kervin, Juan Pablo Nant, Annegret Wagler   pp. 5–10
[PDF] [DOI] Coworking Scheduling with Network Flows
Mariia Anapolska, Christina Büsing, Tabea Krabs, Tobias Mömke   pp. 11–16
[PDF] [DOI] A Decomposition Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Maximum Cross-Graph k-Club Problem
Hao Pan, Balabhaskar Balasundaram, Juan Borrero   pp. 17–22
[PDF] [DOI] A robust variant of the Ring Star Problem
Julien Khamphousone, André Rossi, Fabián Castaño, Sonia Toubaline   pp. 23–28
[PDF] [DOI] Towards Stronger Lagrangean Bounds for Stable Spanning Trees
Phillippe Samer, Dag Haugland   pp. 29–33
[PDF] [DOI] A branch-and-cut algorithm for the availability-aware VNF placement problem in virtualized networks
Rafael Colares, Amal Benamiche, Yannick Carlinet, Nancy Perrot   pp. 34–39
[PDF] [DOI] Local Certification of Reachability
Oliver Bachtler, Tim Bergner, Sven O. Krumke   pp. 40–44
[PDF] [DOI] Towards the Solution of Robust Gas Network Optimization Problems Using the Constrained Active Signature Method
Timo Kreimeier, Martina Kuchlbauer, Frauke Liers, Michael Stingl, Andrea Walther   pp. 45–50
[PDF] [DOI] Mixed Integer Linear Programming for CO2 emissions minimization in a Waste Transfer Facility Location Problem
Giulia Caselli, Giomaria Columbu, Manuel Iori, Carlo Alberto Magni   pp. 51–56
[PDF] [DOI] On the complexity of robust transshipment under consistent flow constraints
Christina Büsing, Arie Koster, Sabrina Schmitz   pp. 57–62
[PDF] [DOI] Rooted Maximum Weight Connected Subgraphs with Balancing and Capacity Constraints
Ralf Borndoerfer, Stephan Schwartz, William Surau   pp. 63–68
[PDF] [DOI] Branch-and-Benders-Cut Algorithm for the Weighted Coflow Completion Time Minimization Problem
Youcef Magnouche, Sébastien Martin, Jérémie Leguay, Francesco De Pellegrini, Rachid Elazouzi, Cedric Richier   pp. 75–80
[PDF] [DOI] Nash fairness solutions for balanced TSP
Minh Hieu Nguyen, Viet Hung Nguyen, Thi Quynh Trang Vo, Mourad Baiou   pp. 93–98
[PDF] [DOI] A Metaheuristic Algorithm for a Multi-period Orienteering Problem arising in a Car Patrolling Application
Giorgio Zucchi, Victor H. V. Corrêa, André G. Santos, Manuel Iori, Mutsunori Yagiura   pp. 99–104
[PDF] [DOI] Integrated Line Planning and Vehicle Scheduling for Public Transport
Philine Schiewe, Moritz Stinzendörfer   pp. 105–110