Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT), Bruges, Belgium, 1988

Original publisher: Springer Verlag, LNCS - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume: 326, ISBN: 3-540-50171-1, Electronic Edition

Invited Lectures

[DOI] Updates, A New Frontier.
Serge Abiteboul   pp. 1-18
[DOI] Data Models and Languages for Databases.
Catriel Beeri   pp. 19-40
[DOI] A Theory of Atomic Transactions.
Nancy A. Lynch, Michael Merritt, William E. Weihl, Alan Fekete   pp. 41-71

Research Sessions

Logic and Deductive Databases
[DOI] Improving Integrity Constraint Checking in Deductive Databases.
Patrizia Asirelli, Paola Inverardi, A. Mustaro   pp. 72-86
[DOI] Efficient Consistency Control in Deductive Databases.
Guido Moerkotte, Stefan Karl   pp. 118-128
[DOI] Idempotent Single-Predicate Horn Clauses.
Peter T. Wood, Alberto O. Mendelzon, Paolo Atzeni   pp. 129-143
Complexity and Optimization
[DOI] On Using Conditional Rotation Operations to Adaptively Structure Binary Search Trees.
Robert P. Cheetham, B. John Oommen, David T. H. Ng   pp. 161-175
[DOI] On O(N²) Equivalence Algorithm for Fan-Out Free Queries.
Pratul Dublish, S. N. Maheshwari   pp. 176-190
[DOI] Two-Way Join Optimization in Partitioned Database Systems.
Fang Li, Lawrence V. Saxton   pp. 191-204
[DOI] Deciding Whether a Production Rule is Relational Computable.
Eric Simon, Christophe de Maindreville   pp. 205-222
Object Oriented Databases
[DOI] Modeling Inheritance and Genericity in Object Oriented-Databases.
Christophe Lécluse, Philippe Richard   pp. 223-238
[DOI] Semantics of Types for Database Objects.
Atsushi Ohori   pp. 239-251
Data Models and Query Languages
[DOI] On Domain Independent Disjunctive Databases.
Liz Sonenberg, Rodney W. Topor   pp. 281-291
Dynamic Aspects of Databases
[DOI] Update in Hierarchical Data Bases.
M. E. Iofinova, E. A. Komissartschik   pp. 292-306
[DOI] Parallel Update Transactions (Extended Abstract).
Dino Karabeg, Victor Vianu   pp. 307-321
[DOI] Version Consistency and Serializability in Design Databases.
K. Vidyasankar, Christopher N. G. Dampney   pp. 368-382
Miscellaneous Topics
[DOI] Object-History and Spreadsheet P-Simulation.
Seymour Ginsburg, Stephen Kurtzman   pp. 383-395
[DOI] Efficient Management of Replicated Data.
Jehan-François Pâris   pp. 396-409