Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT), Athens, Greece, 2014

Original publisher:, ISBN: 978-3-89318066-1, Electronic Edition

Front Matter

Invited Papers

Research Sessions

Distributed Computations
[PDF] [DOI] Anchor-Points Algorithms for Hamming and Edit Distances Using MapReduce.
Foto N. Afrati, Anish Das Sarma, Anand Rajaraman, Pokey Rule, Semih Salihoglu, Jeffrey D. Ullman   pp. 4-14
[PDF] [DOI] On the Complexity of Mining Itemsets from the Crowd Using Taxonomies.
Antoine Amarilli, Yael Amsterdamer, Tova Milo   pp. 15-25
[PDF] [DOI] Oblivious Query Processing.
Arvind Arasu, Raghav Kaushik   pp. 26-37
Dynamic Complexity and XML
[PDF] [DOI] Dynamic Conjunctive Queries.
Thomas Zeume, Thomas Schwentick   pp. 38-49
[PDF] [DOI] Basic Model Theory of XPath on Data Trees.
Diego Figueira, Santiago Figueira, Carlos Areces   pp. 50-60
[PDF] [DOI] Synthesizing transformations from XML schema mappings.
Claire David, Piotr Hofman, Filip Murlak, Michal Pilipczuk   pp. 61-71
Graph Databases
[PDF] [DOI] Datalog Rewritings of Regular Path Queries using Views.
Nadime Francis, Luc Segoufin, Cristina Sirangelo   pp. 107-118
[PDF] [DOI] Conjunctive Context-Free Path Queries.
Jelle Hellings   pp. 119-130
[PDF] [DOI] Containment of Data Graph Queries.
Egor V. Kostylev, Juan L. Reutter, Domagoj Vrgoc   pp. 131-142
[PDF] [DOI] Deduction with Contradictions in Datalog.
Serge Abiteboul, Daniel Deutch, Victor Vianu   pp. 143-154
Probabilistic Databases and Provenance
[PDF] [DOI] Counting of Query Expressions: Limitations of Propositional Methods.
Paul Beame, Jerry Li, Sudeepa Roy, Dan Suciu   pp. 177-188
[PDF] [DOI] Circuits for Datalog Provenance.
Daniel Deutch, Tova Milo, Sudeepa Roy, Val Tannen   pp. 201-212
Algorithms and Queries
[PDF] [DOI] On Load Shedding in Complex Event Processing.
Yeye He, Siddharth Barman, Jeffrey F. Naughton   pp. 213-224
[PDF] [DOI] Dynamic Processing of Dominating Queries with Performance Guarantees.
Andreas Kosmatopoulos, Apostolos N. Papadopoulos, Kostas Tsichlas   pp. 225-234
[PDF] [DOI] Principles of Guarded Structural Indexing.
François Picalausa, George H. L. Fletcher, Jan Hidders, Stijn Vansummeren   pp. 245-256


Test of time award
[PDF] [DOI] The ICDT 2014 Test of Time Award.
Michael Benedikt, Ronald Fagin, Wim Martens   pp. 257