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78457 Konstanz, Germany
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Responsibility according to (verantwortlich im Sinne der) §§ 6 TDG, 10 MdStV:

As a content provider ("Inhaltsanbieter") according to §8 Teledienstgesetz University of Konstanz is responsible for own contents ("eigene Informationen") hold ready for utilisation. Even though all contents are carefully reviewed and constantly updated no guarantee can be provided for completeness, accuracy and ultimate up-to-dateness. University of Konstanz is therefore not liable for damages in connection with the usage of these contents.

Cross-references ("links") to contents of other providers have to become differentiated from own contents ("eigene Inhalte"). Even if University of Konstanz should arrange through this access for the usage of these contents according to § 9 Tele-dienstgesetz, no responsibility will be taken for this external content ("fremden Inhalt").

Links are references to dynamic internet appearances of third parties. University of Konstanz has reviewed the content in respect to liabilities according to civil and criminal law at the first time link-up. However University of Konstanz is not obliged to constantly review these in respect to changes which could cause a new liability. In case University of Konstanz should notice that a specific offer to which a link was provided will cause a liability according to civil oder criminal law the link will become canceled.