Advances in Database Technology - EDBT 1988, 1st International Conference on Extending Database Technology, Venice, Italy, March 14-18, Proceedings

Original publisher: Springer Verlag, LNCS - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume: 303, ISBN: 3-540-19074-0, Electronic Edition

Invited Paper

[DOI] Types for Data-Oriented Languages.
Luca Cardelli   pp. 1-15

Research Sessions

Databases and Logic
[DOI] A Prolog Interface to a Functional Data Model Database.
Peter M. D. Gray, David S. Moffat, Norman W. Paton   pp. 34-48
[DOI] The Processing and Evaluation of Transitive Closure Queries.
Jiawei Han, Ghassan Z. Qadah, Chinying Chaou   pp. 49-75
Expert System Approaches to Databases
[DOI] Supporting Semantic Rules by a Generalized Event/Trigger Mechanism.
Angelika M. Kotz, Klaus R. Dittrich, Jutta A. Mülle   pp. 76-91
[DOI] Information System Design: An Expert System Approach.
Corine Cauvet, C. Proix, Colette Rolland   pp. 113-133
Distributed Databases and Transaction Management
[DOI] Multi-Level Transaction Management, Theoretical Art or Practical Need ?
Catriel Beeri, Hans-Jörg Schek, Gerhard Weikum   pp. 134-154
[DOI] Views and Security in Distributed Database Management Systems.
Elisa Bertino, Laura M. Haas   pp. 155-169
[DOI] An Overview of the Distributed Query System DQS.
V. Belcastro, A. Dutkowski, W. Kaminski, M. Kowalewski, C. L. Mallamaci, S. Mezyk, Tommaso Mostardi, F. P. Scrocco, Witold Staniszkis, G. Turco   pp. 170-189
Database Administration
[DOI] TAILOR, A Tool for Updating Views.
Amit P. Sheth, James A. Larson, Evan Watkins   pp. 190-213
[DOI] A Model of Authorization for Object-Oriented and Semantic Databases.
Fausto Rabitti, Darrell Woelk, Won Kim   pp. 231-250
Complex Database Objects
[DOI] COL: A Logic-Based Language for Complex Objects.
Serge Abiteboul, Stéphane Grumbach   pp. 271-293
[DOI] A Universal Relation Model for Nested Relations.
Mark Levene, George Loizou   pp. 294-308
Efficient Data Access
[DOI] Multilevel Trie Hashing.
Witold Litwin, Djamel Eddine Zegour, Gérard Lévy   pp. 309-335
[DOI] The Twin Grid File: A Nearly Space Optimal Index Structure.
Andreas Hutflesz, Hans-Werner Six, Peter Widmayer   pp. 352-363
Efficiency by Replicated Data
[DOI] Placement of Replicated Items in Distributed Databases.
Amir Milo, Ouri Wolfson   pp. 414-427
[DOI] Optimizing Voting-Type Algorithms for Replicated Data.
Akhil Kumar, Arie Segev   pp. 428-442
[DOI] Quasi-Copies: Efficient Data Sharing for Information Retrieval Systems.
Rafael Alonso, Daniel Barbará, Hector Garcia-Molina, Soraya Abad   pp. 443-468
Data Types and Data Semantics
[DOI] Process Management and Assertion Enforcement for a Semantic Data Model.
Lawrence Chung, Daniel Rios-Zertuche, Brian A. Nixon, John Mylopoulos   pp. 469-487
Spatial Data
[DOI] An Extension of the Relational Model to Support Generic Intervals.
Nikos A. Lorentzos, Roger G. Johnson   pp. 528-542
Short Project Papers
[DOI] ESPRIT: Trends & Challenges in DB Technology.
Jack Metthey, José Cotta   pp. 543-548