Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT), Barcelona, Spain, 2007

Original publisher: Springer Verlag, LNCS - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume: 4353, ISBN: 3-540-69269-X, Electronic Edition

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Invited Lectures

Research Sessions

Information Integration and Peer to Peer
[DOI] Approximate Data Exchange.
Michel de Rougemont, Adrien Vieilleribière   pp. 44-58
[DOI] Compact Samples for Data Dissemination.
Tova Milo, Assaf Sagi, Elad Verbin   pp. 74-88
[DOI] Privacy in GLAV Information Integration.
Alan Nash, Alin Deutsch   pp. 89-103
Axiomatizations for XML
[DOI] Unlocking Keys for XML Trees.
Sven Hartmann, Sebastian Link   pp. 104-118
[DOI] Axiomatizing the Logical Core of XPath 2.0.
Balder ten Cate, Maarten Marx   pp. 134-148
Expressive Power of Query Languages
[DOI] The Limits of Querying Ontologies.
Riccardo Rosati   pp. 164-178
Incompleteness, Inconsistency, and Uncertainty
[DOI] World-Set Decompositions: Expressiveness and Efficient Algorithms.
Lyublena Antova, Christoph Koch, Dan Olteanu   pp. 194-208
[DOI] On the Expressiveness of Implicit Provenance in Query and Update Languages.
Peter Buneman, James Cheney, Stijn Vansummeren   pp. 209-223
XML Schemas and Typechecking
[DOI] Exact XML Type Checking in Polynomial Time.
Sebastian Maneth, Thomas Perst, Helmut Seidl   pp. 254-268
[DOI] Optimizing Schema Languages for XML: Numerical Constraints and Interleaving.
Wouter Gelade, Wim Martens, Frank Neven   pp. 269-283
Stream Processing and Sequential Query Processing
[DOI] Database Query Processing Using Finite Cursor Machines.
Martin Grohe, Yuri Gurevich, Dirk Leinders, Nicole Schweikardt, Jerzy Tyszkiewicz, Jan Van den Bussche   pp. 284-298
[DOI] Constant-Memory Validation of Streaming XML Documents Against DTDs.
Luc Segoufin, Cristina Sirangelo   pp. 299-313
[DOI] Preferentially Annotated Regular Path Queries.
Gösta Grahne, Alex Thomo, William W. Wadge   pp. 314-328
[DOI] Combining Incompleteness and Ranking in Tree Queries.
Benny Kimelfeld, Yehoshua Sagiv   pp. 329-343
XML Update and Query
[DOI] Structural Recursion on Ordered Trees and List-Based Complex Objects.
Edward L. Robertson, Lawrence V. Saxton, Dirk Van Gucht, Stijn Vansummeren   pp. 344-358
[DOI] Combining Temporal Logics for Querying XML Documents.
Marcelo Arenas, Pablo Barceló, Leonid Libkin   pp. 359-373
[DOI] Commutativity Analysis in XML Update Languages.
Giorgio Ghelli, Kristoffer Høgsbro Rose, Jérôme Siméon   pp. 374-388
Query Containment
[DOI] Containment of Conjunctive Queries over Databases with Null Values.
Carles Farré, Werner Nutt, Ernest Teniente, Toni Urpí   pp. 389-403